Great Uses for PVC Wall Panels

Everyone knows PVC wall panels are an ideal solution for decorating your bathroom or shower area, but did you know they are suitable for many other purposes aswell, we have listed below some of the man places you can use our panels, if you’ve used the panels somewhere we havent covered please let us know.


The most common place customers use our panels are in their bathroom, wther its the wall or ceiling they are ideal for bathrooms because they are waterproof and come in a wide range of styles which will suit most bathrioom styles whether you have a modern or contemporary style bathroom.

With our range of fittings and trims you can also work around your bathroom windows  or any corners you might have as the trims will cover any exposed panel edges or corners.

Bathroom Wall Panels

Showers & Wet Rooms

Because our panels are made from PVC they are totally waterproof and providing a silicone sealant is used between the panels for a watertight seal, they can also be used in shower enclosures and wet rooms where the water will be splashing directly onto the panels.

Because the panels come in individual lengths it means that they are also ideal for small shower enclosures where there is little space, which means you only need to order how many panels you need for the job.

Shower and Wet Room Cladding


You can also use our PVC panels in your kitchen area.  The panels are wipe clean and stain resistant which means they require little maintenance and they are also class 1 fire rated.

 White Brick Effect Cladding


Tired of wallpaper and looking for something other that pain for your bedroom?, which not try our PVC panelling, there are many styles and its so easy to fit.

Its also the ideal solution for your child bedroom, germ free and stain resistant the panels are ideal for your child room, there are many styles your child would love such as the black sparkle and white sparkle panels which glitter and sparkle in the light.  No more need to worry about those spills and dirt marks, our panels simply wipe clean

Cloak Rooms

Got a small space that needs decorating? our panels are ideal and can be cut to the perfect size with only basic household tools.

Many businesses use our panels for their cloak rooms such as hairdressers and even office buildings.

There really are so many ways you can use our panels and we always aim to offer the best prices so you’re guaranteed to get the best possible price we can offer on a wide range of bathroom wall panels and trims.

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