We have listed below answers to our most commonly asked questions.

  1. How big are your wall and ceiling panels?
    • The majority of our Wall and Ceiling Panels are 2.6m x 25cm x 8mm, however some panels vary slightly in size, each Wall Panels and Ceiling Panel has its own specific dimensions displayed on the product page.
  2. Are the panels waterproof?
    • Yes, the Wall and Ceiling Panels are made from durable PVC plastic and are completely waterproof, however if the panels are to be used in a water based environment such as a shower cubile or bathroom, we always recommend using a silicone sealant between the panel joins to avoid water getting behind the panels.
  3. How far do you deliver?
    • We deliver right across the UK via express courier, please note however that we do not deliver to the Scottish Highlands, Inslands or Isles, and orders placed to these locations will be cancelled and refunded.
  4. How are the panels fitted?
    • The panels fit together with a tongue and groove system similar to laminate flooring, they can be fitted to both walls and ceilings. For fitting to a wall you can use either glue, screws or a staple gun, for fitting to ceilings we recommend only screws for safety and for a secure fit. ┬áThe glue is simply placed onto the back of each panel prior to positioning, we recommend 1 tube of glue per 2 panels. If fitting using screws or staples, they are positioned on the lip of each panel which will be hidden when the next panel is fitted into place.
  5. Are the panels suitable for walls & ceilings?
    • Yes, our wall and ceiling panels are the same, the white gloss panel style is simply suited better to a ceiling because it is white but they are suitable for both and are fitted using the same methods.
  6. Are the panels solid pvc?
    • No, the panels have a corrugated structure which makes them lightweight but strong at the same time.
  7. How are the panels joined together?
    • They fit together with a tongue and groove system similar to laminate flooring where each panel is slotted into place for a flush finish.
  8. Can I mix different styles?
    • Yes absolutedly, there are simply loads of styles and colours to choose from and because they panels all fit together the same you can mix and match any colour and style you want to create a really unique bathroom.
  9. Are the panels fire rated?
    • Yes the panels carry a Class 1 fire rating.
  10. Can the panels be cut to size?
    • Yes, they can be cut to size easily either using a sharp cutting knife or fine tooth hacksaw.
  11. Can the panels be bent to a curved wall or ceiling?
    • No, we do not recommend bending the panels, while they are flexible we do not recommend using them on curved surfaces due the the fact that they slot into place.
  12. Do you supply finishing trims?
    • Yes we supply a full range of fittings & trims for all areas of your wall and ceiling.
  13. Are the panels only suitable for bathrooms and showers?
    • No, the panels can be used almost anywhere, they are great for bathrooms because they are waterproof, however they are also great for bedrooms, kitchens, cloack rooms, hallways and much more