Brick Effect Panels

Brick Effect Wall Panels

Are you looking for brick effect wall panels? BCS Panels stock a great selection of realistic brick effect panels in range of styles.

PVC cladding has changed a lot over the years and the range of styles available has dramatically increased giving customers a wider selection of patterns and colours to suit more than just bathrooms. PVC cladding is now ideal for bathrooms, showers, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, reception areas, hygienic areas and much more.

Create a Brick Effect Feature Wall

Having a brick effect feature wall is something that can really add style to your home but it can be a lot of work, costly and very time consuming.  There is an alternative, our brick effect PVC cladding is the ideal choice for creating a stand out feature wall in your home.  There are lots of brick effect styles in a range of colours including white, grey and red brick patterns.  This can be installed with minimal effort and the range of colours and styles means you can can choose a brick effect to match with your home decor colour scheme.

Vox Motivo Bianco Brick

The Vox Motivo Bianco Brick is a fantastic white brick effect panel which comes in matching packs of 4 panels each measuring 25cm wide x 2.6m long. They are so easy to cut and fit and create a clean looking brick effect suited to kitchens and dining rooms.

vox-motivo-bianco White Brick Effect Cladding

BCS Layered Brick

The BCS layered brick effect boards are solid structure panel which are ideal for creating a single feature wall in your home.  The panels are sold in boxes of 4 and each board is 1200mm wide and 600mm high.  The panels have a layered brick effect which looks like lots of thin brick sections all stacked up on top of each other.  The boards are available in either grey brick or red brick.


Grey Brick Cladding Red Brick Cladding

Dumapan SMP Brick

The Dumapan SMP range features a superior quality selection of brick effect wall panels in various brick effects such as mosaic, large and small brick patterns.  The panels use a new printing technology which means the patterns are higher quality giving a realistic 3d brick look.

Dumapan SMP Madrid Wall Panel Dumapan SMP Leon Wall Panel Dumapan Masonry Grey Wall Panel Dumapan SMP Bilbao Masonry Beige Wall Panel Dumapan SMP Valladolid Light Grey Wall Panel

Whatever style of brick panels you choose you can be confident that you will have stunning feature wall or brick effect room in your home.

If you have any questions about our brick wall panels or boards simple call us on 0800 999 7009 or email us.

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