10 Reasons to Choose PVC Wall Panels Over Tiles

  1. Cost
    • Our PVC wall panels work out much cheaper than tiles with prices from only £3.49 per panel including VAT.
  2. Choice
    • We stock a wide range of colours and styles to suit any room of the home.
  3. Fitting
    • PVC wall panels are much easier to fit than tiles, so much so that anyone can do it with just simple house hold tools.
  4. Cutting
    • Unlike tiles which are difficult to cut and require special tools, our PVC panels have a corrugated structure and can be cut to size with nothing more than a sharp stanley knife or small tooth hack saw.
  5. Size
    • Because the panels come in various sizes up to 6m long they can be used for large areas, unlike tiles which are generally for small areas or small rooms.
  6. Uses
    • PVC wall panels are great for bathrooms but are also suitable for any other room of wall area including kitchens, bedrooms, play rooms, hallways and much more.
  7. Cleanliness
    • The panels simple wide clean and are also stain resistant which makes them great for a wide variety of uses and reduces the amount of cleaning required.
  8. Mould Resistance
    • Unlike tiles which attract mould and the grout discolours, our panels are made of durable, waterproof PVC which means they are mould resistant.
  9. Placed Over Tiles
    • Our PVC panels can be placed directly over tiles for easy fitting as where placing tiles over tiles can cause problems later down the line.
  10. Samples
    • We can send out free samples of ALL our panels so you can see before you buy.

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